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4 Traits of Bad Electricians

Suppose we ask you—have you ever engaged an electrician? How are you likely to react?


Most likely, you would either say yes or fend off the question, treating it as flimsy.


But why does it so? It is because everyone has engaged an electrician at various times. 


It is a standard affair.


Again, what are you likely to say if we ask you whether the last electrician you hired was good or bad?


There can be three answers: ‘the electrician was good,’ ‘the electrician was not good,’ or ‘I cannot say.’


If your answer falls into one of the first two categories, you seem to know at least something about electrician quality.


But what about your knowledge of electricians if your answer falls in the third category? You seem to know nothing about the quality of electricians.


So, you can fall prey to bad electricians.


You should bear in mind that hiring a bad electrician is a super costly affair. That means you will need to incur a waste of time and money.


Suppose you hire a bad electrician. You will have to redo the job by hiring another electrician because there are high chances of the bad electrician doing the job badly.


In addition to the time and money wastage, hiring a bad electrician will entail a safety compromise.


An electrical repair may malfunction due to faulty repair by a bad electrician. In such a case, the safety element will come under threat.


So, you should not take things lightly. And, you should not fail to ensure that you hire the right electrician to give you the value of money and time.


But, how do you spot the bad one?


There can be many indications that will help identify the bad electrician. And, you should look for those indications in your prospective electrician.


If you can identify the bad electrician, the game turns in your favor. You can refrain from hiring a bad professional.


To help you spot the bad electrician, we outline the following indications, usually the traits of the professionals.


#1. Reschedules


Some electricians try to push off work later, citing different reasons. The rescheduling mood is a sign of a bad electrician. And, you can regard the services of such an electrician as unreliable.


As electricians belong to the service category, they should respect the time element because their clients will face significant issues if electricians postpone the work to a later period.


However, postponing the work to a later date is justified at times. It may occur due to genuine issues. But, frequently, rescheduling work is bad service and a sign of a bad electrician.


If you have been working with an electrician and found him rescheduling work more than twice, you should not hire him again. 


Instead, you should look for a different electrician.

An electrician should accomplish the job timely. And the professional should not push answering calls to a later time.


A good electrician responds to client calls immediately. And the focus is on solving the problem as soon as possible.


#2. Irresponsible


The next sign of a bad electrician is—irresponsibility. Such an electrician does not care about the client’s job, let alone completing the work timely.


An irresponsible electrician can be a big headache to the client. Such an electrician tends to work haphazardly without caring for the consequences for the client.


Again, work done by such a mechanic can be faulty.

In contrast, a good electrician takes ownership of the job and ensures that the work is done correctly.


Therefore, you should not hire an electrician if you see signs of irresponsibility in him.


 #3. Walks Away as Soon the Job is Done


Some electricians are always in haste. And, they go away as soon as the work is done without ascertaining without caring to figure out whether he has solved the problem completely.


With the departure, the client is likely to face tremendous headaches afterward. And, it might also happen that the work was badly done. 


As a result, the client needed to hire a different electrician to redo the job, entailing waste of money.


When an electrician goes the extra mile, he can ensure total customer satisfaction apart from ensuring that the work was done correctly.


#4. Evasive Mood

Some electricians try to evade questions related to their fee structure. And that prevents the build-up.


Trust is a key element in the relationship between an electrician and the client.


There cannot be any relationship building when there is no trust between both parties. And, no client can trust such an electrician.


The dependability of an electrician arises when both parties discuss all aspects of the electrical problem.


In contrast, if the electrician chooses a unidirectional way, there cannot be any mutual understanding.


In addition, there will be no guarantee that the job will be done properly and all the issues will be addressed correctly. And the customer will trust the electrician blindly.


When you see your prospective electrician refusing to listen to what you say and trying to overpower your arguments, you should not hire him.


Again, some electricians become aggressive when clients ask for the types of services they offer.  


Such electricians are red flags—do not hire them.


Again, you will come across some electricians who are abusive. And such electricians do not care to strike a relationship with their clients.


You should avoid such professionals as they can never give good services.


In contrast, good electrician tries to develop a good relationship with their clients in the hope of getting more business in the future.


In addition, a good electrician listens to your financial limitations and adjusts his fees accordingly. For example, a good Mississauga electrician can even agree to take his fees in instalments if he sees financial constraints in his clients. But, you should first choose a good electrician Mississauga.



You cannot determine an electrician’s quality by looking at his face. By assessing their qualities, you need to draw a line of demarcation between a good and bad electrician. You should refrain from hiring a bad electrician as that can entail time and money wastage.

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