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commercial electrician Toronto
commercial electrician Toronto

5 Essential Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Electrician

At times, the need for engaging an electrician arises in every household or commercial establishment.

The reasons behind the need are apparent—either due to any electrical malfunctioning or damages.

But you should not take for granted that any electrician can perform your job well because the competency levels vary widely among electricians. And, if you end up engaging the wrong one, you will have to redo the job by hiring another electrician. Moreover, you will see a wastage of your money and time in such a case.

Therefore, you must be careful in choosing an electrician, ensuring the proper selection.

Remember, your prospective electrician’s experience and competency level matter a lot, regardless of the type of job—whether it is a simple connection or an entire home electrical repair.

Engaging a competent and experienced electrician is essential to get your job done smoothly and correctly.

Again, aspects other than competency and experience also play a significant role in enabling a smooth experience. For example, you hired a commercial electrician Torontoand he arrived late for work or postponed his visit to the next day on the pretext of some issues. As a result, you will undergo a tedious experience apart from wasting time.

You can avoid encountering such hassles and ensure hiring the right electrician by doing some homework beforehand.

What you should do is, examine the following aspects before hiring your prospective electrician:

#1. How Did He Respond To Your First Call?

How an electrician responds to the first call by a client can tell a lot about the professional. Therefore, examine how your prospective electrician responds while interacting with you during the first call.

The signs of a client-centric electrician are prompt and polite responses. During the conversation, you will feel that you are his priority. The electrician says about his competencies, regarding what he can solve with the highest perfection.

Overall, he will exude a friendly attitude and say about their prices.

In contrast, if you find the electrician behaving rudely or demanding unreasonable prices, refrain from hiring him.

#2. What is the Experience Profile?

The experience of your prospective electrician is one of the most crucial parameters to examine. Remember, the experience has a lot to do with making your electrical project attain success.

An experienced electrician can detect issues quickly and fix them swiftly and correctly. But you will not get such advantages from an inexperienced electrician. Notably, there arises a probability of aggravating an existing electrical flaw by an experienced professional. In such a case, you will have to spend extra money on re-hiring another electrician to fix that problem.

Although the fees of experienced electricians are higher than the inexperienced ones, their work quality justifies their higher prices.

However, you will find many electricians in Toronto who charge reasonable prices.

#3. What Is Their Service Spectrum?

Although you might require an electrician for a specific job, it is a good idea to look for the entire range of services on the offer.

It is because the expertise in multiple fields can help sharpen the overall skill of the electrician. As a result, he can spot and fix issues quickly. Moreover, electricians experienced in various areas can do other work if need be.

It is good to hire an electrician experienced in the following fields:

  • Service Calls
  • Knob and Tube Rewiring
  • Breaker Panel Installations
  • Renovation Wiring
  • Aluminum Rewiring or Repair
  • Whole House Examination

#4. Does the Electrician Take Safety Seriously?

There seems to be no need to mention that safety is a critical element in any electrical repair work. Therefore, you should assess your prospective electrician to determine whether he takes the safety element seriously.

Electrical work, when done safely, poses safety for the electrician and your family. On the contrary, unsafe electrical work brings hazards.

Therefore, you should hire an electrician who takes the safety element seriously. A good way of ascertaining that is to ask him directly how he considers the safety aspect.

#5. Conduct a Face-to-Face Interview

After shortlisting a few electricians, you must interview them to get your queries resolved and understand them better.

In the exercise, you will get the opportunity to discover the way of communication of the electrician and how he listens and co-operates with his potential client.

In case your job is small, you need not ask him too many questions. But you should not fail to go through the reviews.

But you should ask a few essential questions if your job is significant. Ensure that you ask your prospective electrician:

  • His experience and expertise
  • Whether he can perform your job
  • Ask for referees
  • His timeline as an electrician
  • His Toronto electrician’s license number
  • Guarantee on the work

#5. Make an Observation

Observation can play a decisive role in developing a gut feeling. So, observe your prospective electrician understand him better. Observe whether:

  • Your interaction is comfortable
  • He is candid or evasive
  • He is trustworthy
  • He knows his trade well
  • He is punctual

#6. Do a Background Check

After interviewing your shortlisted electricians, do a background check to determine if there are any complaints against them. Then, reject the electricians against whom you find complaints.

Electrician Cost Factors

When you hire an electrician for your job, he will bid a cost for the project. Ensure that the bid carries the price of the essential items and labor.

Usually, the total electrician costs include:

  • The cost of travelling from the electrician’s premises to the site of electrical work—the more the distance, the more is the cost
  • The items necessary for fixing the damage
  • Experience of the electrician—more is the experience; more is the cost.


You are wrong if you believe that hiring an electrician to fix electrical issues is a straightforward affair. The fact is that it is a complex task that needs carefulness at every step. You need to assess your prospective electrician to ensure that he is a perfect fit for your job. And a failure to which can aggravate the existing damage or compromise the safety aspect.

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