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electricians in York
electricians in York

5 Powerful Tips to Negotiate Your Electrician’s Fees

Like any other expenditure, you need to justify paying your electrician the right fees. You should ensure that the money you pay to an electrician should not be more than the real amount.

Let us now discover why electricians tend to charge in excess.

Electrical work is dangerous. And even death occurs at times. Therefore, electricians carry different types of insurance, such as health or worker’s insurance. And they have to pay the individual premiums for the insurance. So, they pass on the insurance costs to their clients. It is the first reason why electricians charge more to their clients.

The following reason is a significant amount of time, and money electricians invest in learning their trade.

Becoming a licensed electrician involves joining an apprenticeship training program for four or five years. Typically, the training involves classroom instruction and on-the-job training. And, the total training hours is around 2,000 hours.

After completing the apprenticeship program, electricians clear a state exam on building codes and electrical applications. After passing the exam, they get their license. After that, they become eligible to be called an electrical journeyman.

So, these are the common reasons behind electricians tending to charge more from their clients. But, at the same time, the client should not allow unreasonable money outgo.

Therefore, you have to negotiate with your prospective electrician to get the best possible deal. But negotiating is an art, and not all are good at it.

To help you to negotiate well with your prospective electrician, we recommend you the following ways:

#1. Find Out the Fees in Your Area

Before you start negotiating with your prospective electrician, you should find out the average fees in your area—in terms of hourly or project-wise.

The location has a vital role in determining the fees of an electrician. And that comprises the local taxes apart from the other factors, such as the level of experience.

So, bear in mind that the charges tend to vary based on location, local taxes, and professional experience. For example, electricians in York might charge a bit higher than electricians in other areas.

Again, the experience level is another decisive factor in paying a commercial electrician York. For example, an electrician’s fees under apprenticeship are lesser than that of a journeyman electrician. Likewise, the fees of a master electrician will be much higher.

If you know the standard rates for an electrician in your area, you can get an idea of the range of fees to negotiate. Then, when your prospective electrician states his fees, you will be able to figure out whether the fees are right or he is trying to fool you.

#2. Ask for Multiple Quotes

Make yourself aware of the electrical problem you are going to fix. After that, you should ask a few good electricians to visit the defect site and give you a quote. But first, make sure that the electricians offer free estimates.

In contrast, you should troubleshoot by calling a professional if you cannot figure out the problem. However, you should pay money to the professional in such a case.

You should ask the professional for the costs involved in fixing the defects. Usually, professionals charge per hour for such kinds of services.

Also, do not forget to ask your electrician to write down the quotes. It will help you to have a point of reference.

Again, you should let the electricians in York you call for know that you have also asked other electricians to provide you with quotes. It will show that you know what you are doing and demotivates the electricians from charging you in excess.

After receiving all quotes, you can finalize the commercial electrician York to work on your job based on your affordability.

#3. Ask For a Cost Breakdown

As the starting point, you need to ask for the fees to be broken down based on the items and labor. Subsequently, you should ask for a more detailed breakdown to evaluate the kind of items necessary for the repair and the related costs. It ensures that there are no hidden charges.

In addition, you should pay close attention to the labor and service charges. Examine the travel cost. Different electricians ask for different travel costs.

Determine whether the travel cost is associated with the overall hourly fee, site visit, or flat rate. After that, look for ways to negotiate down such costs with your electrician.

#4. Buying the Items, Yourself

It can be a good idea to purchase the essential items yourself instead of your electrician doing it for you. In this context, you need to make sure that you are buying enough items to cover the entire necessity during the work.

At the same time, there is another angle to the context. For example, your electrician may have connections in the industry that can help him get discounts on the purchase of items. In such a case, it is prudent to ask your electrician to do the item purchasing.

However, if you know a supplier who can provide you with the essential items at competitive prices, you can do the purchasing yourself. It will help you to bring down the overall electrical costs.

But, first, ask your electrician to provide a list of all the necessary items if you plan to buy the items yourself.

#5. Ask for a Work Guarantee

It is an important step, so do not undermine it. You should not forget to ask your electrician to provide you with a work guarantee in writing.

It can act as a guarantee of getting high-quality work. Usually, high-quality electricians can give such a work guarantee.

After the electrician guarantees you his work, he will redo the job if something goes wrong later without charging extra fees.


You cannot escape hiring an electrician because electrical systems often malfunction or develop defects. And hiring an electrician calls for money outgo. But, you should pay your electrician the right fees without spending unreasonably or getting fooled. Therefore, you should negotiate the fee beforehand.


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