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Highly Trained Electrical Troubleshooters In Durham

You may be asking yourself, "Who is the best electrician near me?" Surrge, a trusted and reliable source of electrician service in Durham, has been in operation for over 10 years. All of your electrician requirements can be met by Surrge, such as 220v repairs, lighting installation, LED energy-saving conversions, ceiling fans and hot tub wiring. We also offer switch replacement, outlet repair, and more!

Surrge is also available to help with your next renovation project. With a Master Electrician on-staff, you can be assured that your home will be safe, reliable, and secure. If another company claims they can provide an expert team for you, make sure to check their paperwork. Surge is owned by a Master Electrician who has served Durham customers since 2010.

Is Your Electric Issue Harmless Or Hazardous?


Malfunctioning Light Switch

A faulty light switch is one of the most common and basic electric issues. You can even troubleshoot this issue yourself:

  1. Turn off your circuit breaker. The light will turn off when you have located the correct one.
  2. Take out the light switch and faceplate using a flathead screwdriver or a Phillips head screwdriver.
  3. Inspect the wires connecting to the screws for any electricity. If it is okay, you can remove the light switch and replace it.

Loosened Outlet Plug

Shut down the breaker and check the voltage at the outlet. If a voltage tester isn’t available, try plugging something in. Take off the cover plate, and attach outlet shims so that the outlet is at the same level as the wall.

Short Circuit

A short circuit can cause appliances to trip, such as hairdryers or toasters. If this happens, you should reset the breaker. If the circuit trips repeatedly when the suspect appliance is in use, it’s likely that the problem is with the appliance itself, and not the electrical system. A small appliance may be responsible if the circuit trips when it’s not in use.


Inoperable Outlets

An unusable outlet can be caused by a bad connection, possible arcing, or a trip breaker due to excessive heat. This could lead to melted wires or even burned-out outlets.

Dimming Or Flickering Light

A poor connection can lead to arcing. This could happen if lights dim or flicker. These are caused by loose or corroded connections that cause intermittent contact and result in sparks and overheating.

Outlets And Switches Warm To The Touch

Outlets and switches, unless they have a dimming feature, should not be heated to the touch. If heat is emanating from these components, it could indicate a bad connection, defective wiring, or an overload. Overloaded circuits can cause fire hazards.

GFCIs Keep Tripping

A GFCI is a vital safety device that protects against electrical shock. The GFCI is trying to protect you against an electric shock when it trips.

Bulbs Blowing Out

A loose connection may be causing frequent bulb blowouts. Does your recessed light stop working ever? Insulation near the recessed lights could cause excessive heat. They are therefore shut down to stop a fire.

If you are faced with an electrical problem that is beyond your ability to fix, it is time to call an electric company like Surrge. We recommend that you do this as it could be dangerous for homeowners to attempt to fix common electrical problems:

  • Warm to the touch switches or outlets.
  • GFCIs that keeps tripping.
  • Flickering or dimming lights.
  • Outlets and controls that are not operable.

It’s best that you call a licensed electrician in Durham to fix any of these problems.

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