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How Do I Know If I Have A Faulty Electric Meter? (And Other Questions You Need To Ask Your Mississauga Electrical Contractor)

Could your electric meter be acting up? Contact licensed and insured electrical conrtractors at Surrge when you experience these:

Your Utility Charges Are High

You may have an electric meter problem if you notice a sudden increase in your utility bill. Many people assume that electric meters work every time. But as with any machine, electric meters can fail. Even though electric meters readers do their best to make sure this doesn’t happen, it is sometimes difficult to know if one is damaged. If your bill suddenly becomes astronomical, which is what happens when one fails, you should immediately call your electric company to schedule an inspection by a certified technician.

You Notice Digital Errors

Digital meters make up the majority of all new electric meters. Older meters are often replaced when they are broken. Digital electric meters can be read quickly and are less likely to make mistakes. When something is amiss, a digital electric meter will display “Fault,” Error,” or “Low Battery”. A few electric meters include a warning light. You should call your electric company if you see this light before your month’s meter reader arrives. This will help you avoid an expensive electric bill.

The Electric Meter Has No Movement

An electric meter keeps track of how much electricity you use in your home or business. You should call your electrician if you notice your electric meters not moving for a while. A mechanical electric meter must have its wheels turning. A digital electric meter should be ticking. If the meter runs too fast for the amount of electricity being used, contact your electric company.

You Do Not Have A Connection

A broken electric meter could occur if there is no power outage in your region. Sometimes heavy storms can cause your electric meters to fail or pull away from your home. If the connection from the meter is damaged to your home, the electric meter will not work and the power will cease to flow. Other cases could see your electric meter pulled away from your home but still having power. Both cases require you to call your power company and request a licensed electrician to inspect your electric meter and possibly replace it.

Your Electric Meter Is Old

Old meters can be inaccurate and can last for many decades. The electric company tests electric meters every few months to make sure they work properly. But with so many customers, it can prove difficult to track each individual electric meter. Meters are easy to overlook. You can usually tell if your old electric meter is working. If your old electric meter looks worn and prone to falling over, you might consider having an inspector inspect it.

Electricity is dangerous and should be handled by professionals. But not all electricians are the same. To find the right electrical team for the job, call Surrge today.

These Are The 10 Most Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Electrician Before Hiring Them

  1. Are your licenses current? You should first ask prospective electricians if they have copies of their licenses. You can get multiple licenses for different jobs as an electrician. While state-certified electricians are considered the best in their field, county and regional electricians have limited access to certain areas and can only do specific tasks.
  2. Are you insured? An electrical contractor who is insured can be held responsible for any injuries or damage to property that occurs on the job.
  3. What is your background? An honest contractor will keep you up-to-date about new electrical methods (installations and repairs, replacements, etc.). 
  4. Do you have any references? Referrals are just as important as a license. You will be able to trust past clients if they are enthusiastic about their work.
  5. Do contractors need permits? It is possible for contractors to not immediately know whether a permit will be required. It is your responsibility to find out what permits are needed as a homeowner and building owner.
  6. Who will do the actual work? Licensed electricians often hire journeyman electrical contractors to do work under their license unless you hire an actual company to handle the job.
  7. What kind of work will you do? Sometimes an electrician may be required to penetrate the drywall or flooring to accomplish the task. Before signing an agreement, you should determine the costs of each separate service.
  8. How much do you charge for your services? Make sure to ask about any travel and service charges.
  9. What do you specialize in? Although some electricians are skilled in maintenance and repair, others are more adept at installations or inspections and testing.
  10. Does your work come with a warranty? How much will it cost if there are any problems after the job is done? Any problems that arise after the job is done will be fixed by your warranty.

Contact Surrge for professional electrical work done on your Mississauga home or business. Request a service from a Mississauga electrical contractor.

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