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electrician Markham
electrician Markham

How to Distinguish Good and Bad Electricians?

You cannot escape hiring an electrician because the need can arise one day or the other. But that also brings a key concern—the need to hire the right electrician.

If you hire the wrong electrician, it can so happen the electrical flaw gets aggravated. So, you will need to hire another electrician to redo the job. As a result, you will see a waste of time and money. And it is something to avoid.

Therefore, you have to learn how to distinguish good and bad electricians. However, that is not an easy task. It is difficult to determine the good and bad ones at face value.

That is why you should dig a bit deeper to extract the quality of your prospective electrician to evaluate whether the electrician can be the perfect fit for your job. You can save a lot of trouble further down the line by doing so.

You can say a lot about your prospective electrician if you observe whether he is responsible or not. Responsibility is a sign of a good electrician.

A responsible electrician takes full responsibility for every aspect of the job and ensures that everything gets done perfectly.

In contrast, a bad electrician will exhibit no or very little responsibility. And, when it comes to his work, he will do sub-standard work without any guarantee.

In other words, a bad electrician does not care for the benefit of his clients. And such an electrician looks for quick ways to make money and is not likely to return after leaving the worksite.

Again, there are more attributes to a good electrician. For example, he sees the bigger picture. When you tell him about your job, he will find the best solution for you. Besides, such an electrician will look for ways to save you money.

But you cannot expect such client-centric behavior from a bad electrician who will start working on the job right away.

Therefore, when you hire a commercial electrician Markham, you need to ensure that he is good. And, you will find many good electricians in Markham.

How to Choose a Good Electrician?

The spontaneous question that arises in this context is—how to choose a good electrician. Remember, choosing a good electrician poses no problem if you proceed along a prudent path.

You can easily choose a good electrician if you assess the following factors related to your prospective electrician:

#1. His Response To Your First Call

You can significantly understand your electrician’s professional character if you observe how he responds to your first call.

A good electrician will respond politely during the conversation. And, he will make you will feel that you are his priority.

The electrician will also say about his competencies. He will let you know what he can solve and what he cannot. And, he will exude a friendly attitude and speak about his fees.

During the first call, you are likely to find electricians behaving rudely or demanding unreasonable prices. Therefore, you should not hire such an electrician.

#2. His Experiences

Remember, the experience of your prospective electrician matters a lot. Therefore, do not fail to assess the experience profile of the electrician.

An experienced electrician can detect issues quickly and fix them swiftly and correctly. But an inexperienced electrician cannot do so. And, what is more, an inexperienced electrician can aggravate an existing electrical defect. In such a case, you will have to hire another electrician to fix that problem, entailing a wastage of money.

However, you will find many electricians in Markham who are experienced and charge reasonable fees.

#3. The Services He Provides

You might require an electrician to fix a specific defect. But it is a good idea to hire commercial electrician Markham with multiple skills.

The underlying rationale is that an electrician with expertise in multiple fields can help sharpen the overall skill of the electrician. So he can spot and fix issues quickly. Moreover, electricians experienced in various areas can do other work.

It is good to hire an electrician experienced in the following fields:

  • Service Calls
  • Knob and Tube Rewiring
  • Breaker Panel Installations
  • Renovation Wiring
  • Aluminum Rewiring or Repair
  • Whole House Examination


#4. Safety Concerns

Next, you should check how your prospective electrician takes safety issues. Safety concerns are essential because electrical repairing is a dangerous job.

You should ensure that your prospective electrician exercises safety because that ensures safety for the electrician and your family. On the contrary, unsafe electrical work brings hazards.

You can ask the electrician directly how he considers the safety aspect. It will help you to ascertain his safety concerns.

#5. Interview the Electricians

It can be a good idea to shortlist a few electricians, and after that, you should interview them to get your queries resolved and understand them better.

The underlying reason is to find how the electrician communicates and how he listens and co-operates with you.

If your job is small, you need not ask him too many questions. But you should not fail to go through the reviews.

But you should ask a few essential questions if your job is significant. Ensure that you ask your prospective electrician:

  • His experience and expertise
  • Whether he can perform your job
  • Ask for referees
  • His timeline as an electrician
  • His Toronto electrician’s license number
  • Guarantee on the work

#6. Observe Him

You can develop an idea about your prospective electrician by observing him. So, observe whether:

  • Your interaction is comfortable
  • He is candid or evasive
  • He is trustworthy
  • He knows his trade well
  • He is punctual

#7. Check His Background

After interviewing your shortlisted electricians, do a background check to determine if there are any complaints against them. Then, reject the electricians against whom you find complaints.


Hiring an electrician is not a straightforward affair but a complex one. And, you should refrain from hiring the first electrician you come across while searching for one. If you do so, you might end up hiring a bad electrician who can be a cause of trouble. Therefore, ensure you hire a good electrician.

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