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Our specialists at Surrge can help you make informed decisions, provide the best solutions and meet your budget for all of your commercial and residential electrical needs. We are committed to providing prompt, professional service at affordable costs and with a fully project managed team having an impeccable reputation.

With years of combined experience, Surrge is backed by highly-trained and courteous technicians who have extensive knowledge of the electrical trade. We are proud to say that we have bonded and insured all of our technicians. They are honest, reliable and work hard to make sure that everything is completed on time and within budget, no matter the scope of your repair and replacement needs. We are now servicing Toronto, Durham, York, Mississauga, and surrounding areas.


  • It’s cost-effective. While you may feel that it’s costly to hire professional electricians for your electrical needs, you can save yourself money down the road. This is because professional electricians will ensure the proper repair and replacement of old or faulty wires and can guarantee that there are no fires or other avoidable issues.
  • It’s safer and gives you peace of mind. It is dangerous to work with unsafe electrical systems if you don’t have prior experience or knowledge. Professional electricians or contractors handle all your electrical needs with safety training and the appropriate approach. Moreover, professional electrical services can ensure quality. The electricians will use the proper tools and knowledge to repair your equipment. This will make your electrical system more efficient and less likely to cause serious damage.
  • They are up-to-date with local standards. Each state has its own standards and rules for electricians. Professional electrical service providers are required to comply with all state laws and standards. Professional electricians are also familiar with customer requirements and possess the required permits to provide services.
  • They can detect and fix possible issues. Amateur electricians may be able to help with minor electrical problems or hang light fixtures but they might not be the best option for repairing an electrical panel upgrade, for example, or capable of diagnosing the cause which could due to a faulty electrical wire or other parts. If these issues are not detected early, it’s possible that you will experience an even bigger problem in the future. Averting any danger is a good idea for smart property owners. Certified electricians are licensed to fix any existing problems and can also diagnose your electrical system in order to find other potential hazards that could lead to a major catastrophe. You will also be saved from inconvenience and hassle by having them identify the root cause of your problem immediately.
  • They can make your appliances last longer. A sudden surge in electricity can cause serious damage to your appliances and your safety. These power surges may be brief but they can cause damage to your equipment and fixtures. Even if they don’t cause damage the first time around, power surges can lead to unavoidable malfunction. Certified electricians can help strengthen your wiring or assess if cables are brittle, worn, or need new sockets or total rewiring.

We are committed to providing prompt, professional service at affordable costs and with a fully project-managed team having an impeccable reputation.

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