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electrician in Toronto
electrician in Toronto

The Essential Traits of an Electrician

Carving out the reputation of an expert electrician is not an easy task. It calls for the firm and prolonged dedication in addition to competency.

Electricians exist in a competitive space. And each electrician tries to outdo the other with the intent of projecting himself as the best electrician.

Suppose you are looking for an electrician in Toronto. You will find many of them. But, not all of them are competent. If you happen to hire the wrong electrician, you might need to redo the job by hiring another electrician. And that will entail a waste of money and time.

Therefore, you have to assess your prospective electrician’s capabilities to ensure you hire the right electrician.

Typically, your assessment should include the following factors into consideration:


Qualification and Experience

An electrician must have the essential qualifications and experience to do his job satisfactorily. Without which, no electrician can perform his job well. And, you should avoid hiring an electrician who does not possess the essential qualifications and experience.

The path to becoming an electrician starts with gaining an understanding of the trade in the classrooms. Subsequently, years of hands-on experience solidify their knowledge and skills.

Electricians should have good command over arithmetic. Calculating and measuring voltage, current, cable lengths, etc., is essential.

Moreover, comprehension ability is essential. An electrician needs to read and interpret the associated rules and regulations.

Besides, an electrician should be able to understand drawings and the associated instructions.


Standard Skills

Plumbers need to have standard technical skills in the absence of which an electrician cannot claim to be a good professional.

Usually, electricians acquire these skills during their training phase. In addition, electricians should be able to handle their work safely, as electricity is dangerous.

Therefore, you should examine the following skill sets in your prospective electrician Toronto:

  • Installation of cables, conduits, tubing, and switching devices
  • Use of the right power tools
  • Ability to understand blueprints
  • Knowledge about the safety rules
  • Repair, replace equipment, and wiring

Physical Fitness

For an electrician to perform his job efficiently, his physical fitness is essential. Therefore, despite not needing to do strenuous activities for hours, an electrician needs to be healthy.

Therefore, you should examine the physical fitness of your prospective electrician. So, you should examine whether he can:

  • Lift heavy weights
  • Quickly climb a ladder
  • Effortlessly go up and down stairs
  • Stand for extended periods
  • Squeeze into tight corners
  • Bend and Crouch

In addition to good physical fitness, an electrician should have good vision. Moreover, the electrician should not be colour-blind because he should see the different colours of electrical wiring.

Problem Solving

Solving problems is a crucial function of electricians. You will see electricians facing problems almost every day. And, they should solve the challenges involving the causes of sparking, wiring a building cost-effectively, etc.

Finding solutions to electrical challenges is one of the most crucial aspects of an electrician. All challenges call for the need for critical thinking to develop the solution.

Suppose, for example–a situation may arise where you need to work with new fixtures you have not worked with before. Likewise, you might encounter complex wiring tasks that will call for critical thinking to come up with the right solutions.

In addition to critical thinking, electricians must have analytic thinking, which comes in handy while troubleshooting.

Good Communication

Electricians must communicate with different people, such as fellow electricians, homeowners, contractors, architects, etc.

It is essential to communicate with everyone involved in an electrical project. And electricians need to articulate complicated issues correctly and clearly.

Moreover, electricians should be able to explain complex things to people without the same level of understanding. So, they need to have good communication skills, which is also necessary to understand the objectives of an electrical project. As a result, that can help deliver good results.

Moreover, good communication skills can also help to get more clients and advance your career.

If you do not have good communication skills, there is no need to worry. You will find everything new when you first start working. But, you can eventually develop the skills required to help you deal with complex problems.


It is a vital factor. And it can make or break the success of an electrical project. You have to exhibit reliability while working with people on project sites.

You should make it a point to:

  • Show up on time
  • Avoid showing up late for appointments
  • Deliver projects on schedule
  • Not exceed the budget
  • Adhere to the standard protocols

Remember, a reliable electrician is a favourite among people. It also helps build good relationships with potential clients. And that helps generate more business.

In addition to dependability, your work needs to be reliable as well. You should make efforts to solve problems on time, as per clients’ expectations.

Moreover, a reliable electrician gets more referrals from his clients.


Flexibility is another attribute of good electricians, who must adapt to flexible work schedules. Remember, an electrician’s job is not like a 9 to 5 one. Electricians need to execute emergency tasks when required, apart from working on call.

As such, an electrician can have a full day work schedule one day, then a quieter day next.


Often, you can see electricians working in a solo mode. But, you should not take it for granted that electricians do not need teamwork.

Even when an electrician works solo, he has to report to a project manager or supervisor. And senior electricians can even train apprentices.

Again, electricians need to coordinate with plumbers, carpenters, and other such professionals.

Therefore, the ability to work with other professionals is crucial for electricians. And at the same time, an electrician needs to be patient and friendly.

Incentives of Being an Electrician

Being an electrician is not only a dignified professional but also has many incentives, such as:

Being One’s Boss

Electricians have the privilege of being their boss. They can start their own business and become self-employed professionals.

Career Opportunities

There can be many opportunities for electricians to advance their careers. After starting as an electrician, he can get promoted to an electrical engineer, contract manager, or electrical design engineer positions.

Cheap Training Fees

Another notable benefit of becoming an electrician is that you will not have to pay hefty educational loans as required for other university courses. An electrician course is a lot cheaper, and some training schools also offer the opportunity to work while learning.


Becoming a seasoned electrician is not easy. It requires the possession of many traits, as we already discussed. Therefore, you should hone your skills to them sharp all the time. And, if you fell short of any skill, you should acquire it immediately to maintain your competitiveness.

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