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electricians in Durham
electricians in Durham

What Makes Up Electrician’s Fees

You must have hired an electrician multiple time. And, each time you hired one, you paid the fees.

But, did you ever try to figure out whether you paid the right, or in other words, the reasonable fees?

You might have or have not. But the fact remains that the knowledge of the fee components is essential.

It helps to determine whether your electrician charged the correct fee.

From a generic perspective, the type of electrician fee depends on the work done. So, your electrician can charge you a flat fee or a fee based on the hourly rate.

However, a few components make up the electrician’s cost—the travel distance, item costs, the job’s complexity, overhead expenses, estimated completion time, and if the job is an emergency.

Now, let us elaborate on some of the fee components:

Travel Time

The time required by the electrician from his premises to the place of work via purchasing the necessary items—the more distance, the more is the fees.

Project Complexity

The fee is proportional to the project’s complexity—the more is the complexity; the more is the fees.


The fees are proportional to the electrician’s experience—the more the experience, the more the fees.

Based on experience, you can categorize electricians in the following categories:


It is the entry-level category to becoming an electrician. Usually, an apprentice works alongside a licensed electrician. And an apprentice does the basic work, like installing the outlets, installing light fixtures and assisting the Journeyman.

Usually, the apprenticeship period extends for four years.

Journeyman Electrician

This phase follows the end of the apprenticeship period. A professional should attend a technical school and pass the Electric Journeyman exam to be eligible to become a Journeyman Electrician. Such a professional can apply for a license and work without supervision on any projects.

Master Electrician

It is the highest level of electrical certification in the professional journey. After working for two years as a Journeyman and passing the Master Electrician exam, a professional is eligible to become a Master Electrician.

Emergency Call

At times, you may require a commercial electrician Durham in emergencies. For example, if you require an electrician to fix a defect after regular working hours, on the weekend or on holiday, you need to pay extra for the work.


The rates per hour can vary from region to region. Therefore, you should check online the rates in your area. For example, electricians in Durham might charge lower fees than electricians in the adjoining areas.


It may so happen that special permits might be required for your projects. Therefore, check the types of work that call for special permits in your area.

How to Save Money in Hiring an Electrician?

When you hire an electrician, you are likely to see an Apprentice or a Journeyman coming to the place of work. However, if your job is complex, you should hire a Master Electrician.

You can save money regardless of the type of electrician you hire in the following ways:

Ask for a Quote

First, shortlist several electricians in your area, and ask for their quotes.

But, do not get carried away by unrealistically low prices. You might get tempted to hire an electrician with a meagre fee. But that can eventually lead you to trouble because electricians offering to work at meagre fees could be shallow quality. If you engage such an electrician for your work, the chances are that the defect can get aggravated or compromise electrical safety.

An electrician offers very low fees could mean that he is either cutting corners or is not properly insured.

Therefore, it can happen that you will need to hire a different electrician to redo the work, entailing a wastage of time and money with the cheap professional.

Combine Repairs

If you combine multiple electrical jobs, you will likely get a better price because you will not be paying for several by-the-hour visits.

However, you should let the electrician know about it while finalizing his deal. Usually, electricians find it challenging to work on additional tasks once he arrives at their place of work due to their busy schedules.

Make the Essential Purchases Yourself

It is a good idea to purchase the essential appliances and fixtures yourself. In that way, you can ensure you buy what you want and save money. For example, if your electrical project involves installing light fixtures, then purchasing them yourself will allow you to choose the items at their best prices apart from the model of the item.

However, things can be different for larger and more expensive items. In addition, the electrician may get a bulk discount on the purchases for such items. Therefore, it is good to let the electrician purchase as it is a cost-effective option.

Ensure Cleanliness of the Work Area

You should ensure that the work area is clean. You will relieve your electrician from cleaning the work area by doing so. And that will lower the total work hours for your electrician.

Therefore, if your electrician charges on an hourly basis, you will pay only for the actual hours of work.

Why Should You Hire an Electrician?

Many people can do a bit of electrical repair themselves. If you are one of them, you might feel the urge to argue why should you hire a commercial electrician Durham when you can do the work yourself.

The fact is that electricians in Durham offer multiple benefits which justify the fees you pay them.

One of such advantages is the safety aspect. We know that electrical work involves danger. But, professional electricians can work safely and effectively with danger. In addition, you can leverage their experience to get your job done smoothly. Finally, due to their experience, they can spot and fix defects effectively.


You need to pay your electrician his fees. But you should ensure that you pay the right fees without hampering the interests of both parties. Therefore, it will help if you understand the different components of the fees.

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